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CLASSICAL | Pegasus Rising: Lyracle


Long before there was a Tin Pan Alley or a Top 40, there were popular songs. In the Baroque era, they were usually sung with lute, but an alternative accompaniment was the mellow sound of the viola da gamba (the ancestor of the cello). This Sunday afternoon, Pegasus Rising, the young artists' program of Pegasus Early Music, presents "Voice & Viol: History's Forgotten Dynamic Duo." This survey of English and Italian pop hits of the 17th century will be performed by the duo Lyracle, consisting of mezzo-soprano Ashley Mulcahy and viola da gambist James Perretta. The concert will take place in the intimate atmosphere of the Third Presbyterian Church chapel. It's free, and you can meet the artists at a reception afterwards.

Lyracle will perform Sunday, July 8, at Third Presbyterian Church Chapel, East Avenue and Meigs Street. 1 p.m. Free.