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CLASSICAL/KIDS | 'Beethoven Lives Upstairs'


"Beethoven Lives Upstairs" takes a familiar situation — a family is short of money and takes in a boarder — and gives it a musical twist: the new boarder happens to be a great composer, with a bad temper and worse hair. Herr Beethoven is a noisy, irascible tenant, but he eventually proves to be, as one character says, a man with a great heart. "Beethoven Lives Upstairs" won an Emmy in 1993, so it is already 25 years old, but this hour-long film for children has become a classic that wears the years well — as does its soundtrack, which features Beethoven's music plentifully. In this Sunday's Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra's presentation of "Beethoven Lives Upstairs," you and your kids can learn about the great composer's life, and hear favorites like "Für Elise" and bits of the Fifth and Ninth Symphony, played by the RPO under Michael Butterman.

Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra presents "Beethoven Lives Upstairs" on Sunday, May 20, at Hochstein Performance Hall, 50 North Plymouth Avenue. 2 p.m. $14 children; $19 adults. 454-2100;