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CLASSICAL | Incantare


Classical fans are no strangers to early music concerts featuring compositions from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. But those who attend the Valentine's Day concert at The Perkins Mansion are in for a treat when the quartet Incantare performs. Liza Malamut, Ben David Aronson, and Garrett Lahr play the sackbut (the predecessor to the modern trombone). The regal but subdued tone of this infrequently heard instrument, when blended with violinist Alice Culin-Ellison's expressive, song-like melodic phrases, creates a truly distinctive sound. The idea behind the concert program is just as intriguing, with its focus on composers who dealt with the effects of Jewish exile and subsequent diaspora in Europe — Salamone Rossi, and Johann Vierdanck, among them.

Incantare performs Friday, February 14, 8 p.m. at The Perkins Mansion, 484 East Avenue. $25 general, $10 students. Additional $10 for wine prelude at 7:30 p.m. 435-7202.