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CLASSICAL | "Hochstein at High Falls"


Summer concert series are beginning to bloom all over the area. "Hochstein at High Falls" begins its seventh summer seaons this Thursday, June 4, at 12:10 p.m. with the African drumming and dance group Mounafanyi, and proceeds through all kinds of musical styles from world music and Latin jazz to rock, including such longtime local favorites as the Mambo Kings and the Dady Brothers. The list includes Mounafanyi PanAfrican Percussion and Dance on June 4; Cammy Enaharo (singer, ukulele) on June 11; The Mambo Kings (Latin jazz) on June 18; Something Else (cover band trio) on June 25; The Dady Brothers (Celtic music) on July 9; Talking Under Water (rock) on July 16; The Cottage Pickers (bluegrass) on July 23; Laura Dubin Trio (jazz) on July 30; The Jane Mutiny (funky and alt-blues) on August 6; and Pan Loco (steel band) on August 13.

"Hochstein at High Falls" takes place on Thursdays, June 4 through August 13, at 104 Platt Street. 12:10 p.m. Free.