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CLASSICAL | "Barbara's Venice"


The history of classical music made by women is full of interesting characters, and the 17th century Venetian singer and composer Barbara Strozzi was among the more fascinating musicians in a fascinating place and time (not just for her music, but that's another story). Strozzi's original, strikingly expressive secular vocal music is not well-known, but it is the centerpiece of the opening concert of the 12th season of Pegasus Early Music. You'll hear numerous selections sung by soprano Laura Heimes, alto Luthien Brackett, tenor Andrew Fuchs, and bass Andrew Padgett. Those singers will be accompanied by a string ensemble, which will also play an instrumental work by Strozzi's teacher, the opera composer Francesco Cavalli.

Pegasus Early Music will perform Sunday, September 25, at Downtown United Presbyterian Church, 121 North Fitzhugh Street. $25 general; seniors $20; students $10. 703-3990;