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Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace


Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace is about... umm... well, it's about two hours long, and... uhh... Bigfoot is in it, and... oh, it's got lesbian cannibals and nuns with breakaway habits, and... hmm... it defies description, really. Harry Knuckles (Phil Caracas), an aptly named superspy, and his Mexican wrestler sidekick El Santos are on the trail of a jewel-thieving bionic Bigfoot. Trying to thwart them are a number of scantily clad ladies who know kung fu, as well as Harry's evil brother --- get ready for it --- Fuzzy Knuckles. So if you're looking for subtlety, keep looking.

Director Lee Demarbre (Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter) was originally slated to attend the Rochester screening of Harry Knuckles, but he's apparently tied up on his new film and unable to be stopped... I mean unable to get away. Fortunately, it's Harry Knuckles himself to the rescue! That's right --- Phil Caracas, the man responsible for making Canada even funnier than it already is, will introduce the screening, along with Josh Grace, who plays Bigfoot and was also the special effects coordinator on Harry Knuckles (an editor would not have been a bad idea either). They'll be on hand after the screening (Saturday, April 2, Dryden Theatre, 900 East Avenue, 8 p.m. $6. 271-4090) to answer questions, bask in the accolades, and hopefully explain themselves.

--- Dayna Papaleo

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