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City to tow curbside snowbound vehicles on Wednesday


Rochester residents with vehicles immobilized by snow on city streets have been given an ultimatum: move ‘em or lose ‘em, at least temporarily.

The city’s director of operations, Karen St. Aubin, on Tuesday issued a warning to motorists with curbside snowbound vehicles that they have until Wednesday to move them or risk having them towed.
A snowbound car on a city street. - SHUTTERSTOCK
  • A snowbound car on a city street.

St. Aubin issued the warning to ease anticipated snow removal in the coming days. The National Weather Service issued a winter storm watch for Rochester and the surrounding area for Wednesday through Friday that predicted nine inches or more of snow.

“Maintaining public safety and ensuring our streets are passable for emergency vehicles is our first priority,” St. Aubin said in a news release announcing the warning. “This ultimately may necessitate the towing of vehicles that are not moved.”

She urged motorists whose cars have been towed to call 311.

The news release read that tow trucks will attempt to relocate vehicles to nearby streets, but that if doing so was not possible vehicles would be taken to the city’s impound lot on Colfax Street, where towing and storage fees will be imposed.

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