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City Hall: Mayor Lovely Warren to make "major announcement"

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Mayor Lovely Warren will make "a major announcement" on Saturday at 11 a.m., according to her administration.

Communications officers notified media outlets early Saturday that the mayor would make the announcement at a news conference at City Hall.

It is highly unusual for the mayor to schedule an impromptu news conference in general, but particularly on a weekend.

The news conference will mark the first that that Warren has spoken to the press corps since her administration released a 325-page report compiled by her deputy mayor, James Smith, on the city's handling — and mishandling — of the death of Daniel Prude.

She had said at the outset of the report's release on Sept. 14 that she would give the media "a few days to digest" the report before answering questions. She has, however, given at least one exclusive interview to a television news station since.

Nothing in the report outright refutes the mayor's insistence that she was not informed of the specific circumstances of Prude's death until Aug. 4, a month before word of his fatal arrest was made public by his family.

But an April 10 email between the city's former police chief, La'Ron Singletary, whom Warren since relieve of his command, and her chief spokesperson, Justin Roj,  whom Warren has since suspended without pay, has raised questions about what she knew and when.

In the mail, Singletary said that Warren had been "in the loop" on the Prude matter since the day of his arrest on March 23 and that he had shared the findings of the medical examiner with her and that he was awaiting a return phone call from her.

What is not clear from the report is what was meant by the mayor being "in the loop" and whether she placed that phone call to Singletary and, if so, the substance of that conversation.

This is a developing story. Check back for more details.