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City Council could seek a subpoena in Bryant case


The Rochester City Council is going to consider legislation that would authorize the investigation of a citizen’s complaint against the Rochester Police Department. By approving the legislation, Council would clear the way for President Loretta Scott to issue a subpoena to the Rochester Police Department.

The investigation, if approved, would center on an August 8 encounter between Rickey Bryant, Jr. and Rochester police. Bryant filed a complaint with the Rochester Police Department over the incident, and he's filed a lawsuit in Federal District Court alleging that the RPD officers subjected him to an illegal search and seizure, according to the legislation.
City Council President Loretta Scott. - FILE PHOTO
  • City Council President Loretta Scott.

Bryant also says the officers used excessive force in violation of his constitutional rights, according to the legislation.

Council’s legislation follows a strong push by the Coalition for Public Reform, a group of social justice activists led by Rev. Lewis Stewart, calling for legislation to create a new process to review civilian complaints.

A statement today from Scott and Councilmember Adam McFadden acknowledges the issue: “The review of the information obtained from the subpoena will allow the Council the opportunity to further analyze the Civilian Review process and how it could be improved.”

Mayoral candidate Rachel Barnhart was quick to respond to the news.

"I'm reiterating my call for a Police Accountability Board," she said in a written statement today. "Recent events make it even more apparent that the current police oversight system is inadequate."