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CD Review: The Chinchillas "Something Beautiful"

Jargon Records


There's a difference between sounding effortless and actually putting forth no effort. Rochester's The Chinchillas certainly ain't lazy --- the bands latest "Something Beautiful" is its tenth album, for Christsakes. And the band, though cloaked in an "Aww-fuck-it" stance, delivers some amazingly rockin' Americana with maximum twang appeal (Bill Ribas is God or at the very least one of them) and the world-weary lyricism and insight at the hands of front man Peter Anvelt.

"Something Beautiful" tours under the bar band umbrella with detours into the garage (Whats Wrong With Me?), straight ahead rock 'n' roll (Something Beautiful), and balls-to-the wall pop rock ala cats like Graham Parker or Rockpile (Special Man). The only effort this record needs is yours as you go and pick it up from the record pusher man. It's worth the effort. It really is something beautiful.