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CD Review: Homiside "Back For More"


It’s a singles market these days, so when an album gets released it feels like a big deal. “Back For More” is a debut album from Rochester based rapper Mike Parlayan, aka Homiside. The album is a collection of 22 tracks – some solo, some featuring guest rappers - that consists of new material along with tunes retrospective of Homiside’s career so far. Highlights of this release include “In Thee End,” a tune that features MTV award-winning rapper Tech N9ne along with Kutt Calhoun and Kount C. “Drownin’,” featuring Confession, is slightly psychedelic and menacing and one of my favorites of the bunch. “Symphony of Sorrow” is a solo track with an introspective lyrical vibe that resonates with many other songs on this album.

The album as a whole though is more of a straight-up Hip-Hop package (parental advisory sticker and all) that’s powered by digital audio and synthesized by mid-tempo beats. And while the genre sometimes raises questions about legitimacy and realness, at 27 years old, Homiside looks and sounds like a Hip-Hop lifer. The album feels as real as a punch to the face.

The messages on "Back for More" can sometimes be overwhelming, akin to picking up on several conversations at once and knowing that some of them might not be what you want to hear. But, “Back For More” is an impressive debut from a Hip-Hop artist who - like a craftsman - will hopefully only continue to get even better with age.