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CAJUN | C'est Bon


C'est Bon's Facebook page says its "hard-rockin, foot-stompin, girl-powered Cajun dancehall music," and I don't know how to put that any better. The five-woman band formed in 2010 and has been consistently hitting the road along the East Coast since. If your band from New York State can get a Cajun old-schooler like Jesse Lege to say you're "one of the best things out of the Northeast, if not the recent best in Cajun music," then you know you're on the right path. It's all good.

C'est Bon plays The Rochester Cajun Zydeco Network's holiday party on Sunday, December 13, at the Harmony House, 58 East Main Street, Webster. 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. (4:15 for Cajun dance lessons). $10-$12.;