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Byrnes on track to keep the 133rd Assembly District seat


Incumbent Republican Marjorie Byrnes is on a clear path to victory against Democrat ChaRon Sattler-Leblanc in the 133rd Assembly District, paving the way for a second term in office.

As of Tuesday night, Byrnes held about 63 percent of the vote, while Sattler-Leblanc held about 32 percent.
Marjorie Byrnes - FILE PHOTO
  • Marjorie Byrnes

Byrnes, a long-time attorney, first took the 133rd Distrist seat in 2018 after easily defeating the Republican incumbent, Joe Errigo, in a primary and Democratic candidate Barbara Baer in the general election.

The candidates for the 133rd seat, which stretches from Pittsford to Hornell, represent wildly different positions on key issues.

Sattler-Leblanc, senior director of RIT's Center for Academic Success, had listed evidence-based gun legislation as a central point of her candidacy. Byrnes, an  NRA member, had previously sponsored legislation allowing for armed student resource officers in schools.

Likewise, Sattler-Leblanc is a vocal supporter of the New York Health Act, a bill which would establish a single-payer health care system for New Yorkers. Last year, when the bill was introduced again by Assembly Democrats, Byrnes opposed it.

"While affordable health care is a priority for every resident in New York, the single-payer system is a costly Band-Aid over a broken leg," Byrnes said, in a statement.

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