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Body count

To honor the war dead and fill an information gap in US mass media, City Newspaper will run weekly lists of American/"Coalition" soldiers and Iraqi citizens killed during the ongoing occupation of Iraq.

The totals:

753 American soldiers, 106 "Coalition" soldiers, and approximately 9,000 Iraqi soldiers and 10,750 Iraqi civilians have been killed in Iraq since the beginning of the occupation to May 3.

American soldiers killed from April 27-May 3:

Private First Class Jeremy R. Ewing; 22; Miami, Florida | Staff Sergeant Esau G. Patterson, Jr.; 25; Ridgeland, South Carolina | Staff Sergeant Jeffrey F. Dayton; 27; Caledonia, Mississippi | Sergeant Ryan M. Campbell; 25; Kirksville, Missouri | Sergeant James L. Beckstrand; 27; Escondido, California | Specialist Justin B. Schmidt; 23; Bradenton, Florida | Private First Class Ryan E. Reed; 20; Colorado Springs, Colorado | Private First Class Norman Darling; 29; Middleboro, Massachusetts | Petty Officer Second Class Specialist Trevor A. Wine; 22; Orange, California | Petty Officer Third Class Christopher M. Dickerson; 33; Eastman, Georgia | Jason B. Dwelley; 31; Apopka, Florida | Sergeant Landis W. Garrison; 23; Rapids City, Illinois | Sergeant Adam W. Estep; 23; Campbell, California | Private First Class Martin W. Kondor; 20; York, Pennsylvania | Specialist Jacob R. Herring; 21; Kirkland, Washington | Private First Class Marquis A. Whitaker; 20; Columbus, Georgia | Lance Corporal Aaron C. Austin; 21; Sunray, Texas | Sergeant Sherwood R. Baker; 30; Plymouth, Pennsylvania | Specialist Kenneth A. Melton; 30; Westplains, Missouri | Staff Sergeant Abraham D. Penamedina; 32; Los Angeles, California | Sergeant Lawrence A. Roukey; 33; Westbrook, Maine | Staff Sergeant Stacey C. Brandon; 35; Hazen, Arkansas | Staff Sergeant Cory W. Brooks; 32; Philip, South Dakota | Petty Officer Third Class Nathan B. Bruckenthal; 24; Smithtown, New York | Corporal Jason L. Dunham; 22; Scio, New York | Captain Arthur L. Felder; 36; Lewisville, Arkansas | Corporal Christopher A. Gibson; 23; Simi Valley, California | Chief Warrant Officer Patrick W. Kordsmeier; 49; North Little Rock, Arkansas | Staff Sergeant Billy J. Orton; 41; Humnoke, Arkansas | Petty Officer Second Class Christopher E. Watts; 28; Knoxville, Tennessee | eight names not yet released

Sources: US Department of Defense,, Project on Defense Alternatives, The New York Times,

--- Jennifer Weiss