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Body count

To honor the war dead and fill an information gap in US mass media, City Newspaper will run weekly lists of American/"Coalition" soldiers and Iraqi citizens killed during the ongoing occupation of Iraq.

The totals:

674 American soldiers, 103 "Coalition" soldiers, and approximately 9,000 Iraqi soldiers and 10,750 Iraqi civilians have been killed in Iraq since the beginning of the occupation to April 12.

American soldiers killed from April 6-12:

Airman First Class Antoine Holt; 20; Kennesaw, Georgia | Lance Corporal Levi T. Angell; 20; St. Louis, Minnesota | Sergeant Felix M. Delgreco; 22; Simsbury, Connecticut | Corporal Nicholas J. Dieruf; 21; Versailles, Kentucky | Staff Sergeant William M. Harrell; 30; Placentia, California | Private First Class Christopher D. Mabry; 19; Chunky, Mississippi | Corporal Matthew E. Matula; 20; Spicewood, Texas | First Lieutenant Joshua M. Palmer; 25; Banning, California | Corporal Michael R. Speer; 24; Davenport, Iowa | Lance Corporal Elias Torrez III; 21; Veribest, Texas | Lance Corporal Michael B. Wafford; 20; Spring, Texas | Lance Corporal Christopher B. Wasser; 21; Ottawa, Kansas | Specialist Jonathan R. Kephart; 21; Oil City, Pennsylvania | Sergeant First Class William W. Labadie, Jr.; 45; Bauxite, Arkansas | Petty Officer Third Class Fernando A. Mendezaceves; 27; Ponce, Puerto Rico | Sergeant First Class Marvin L. Miller; 38; Dunn, North Carolina | Captain Brent L. Morel; 27; Martin, Tennessee | Specialist Isaac M. Nieves; 20; Unadilla, New York | Sergeant Lee D. Todacheene; 29; Farmington, New Mexico | Private First Class Benjamin R. Carman; 20; Jefferson, Iowa | Lance Corporal Marcus M. Cherry; 18; Imperial, California | Private First Class Christopher R. Cobb; 19; Bradenton, Florida | Lance Corporal Kyle D. Crowley; 18; San Ramon, California | Specialist Tyanna S. Felder; 22; Bridgeport, Connecticut | Lance Corporal Shane L. Goldman; 20; Orange, Texas | Private First Class Ryan M. Jerabek; 18; Oneida, Wisconsin | Private First Class Moises A. Langhorst; 19; Moose Lake, Minnesota | Specialist Scott Q. Larson; 22; Houston, Texas | Lance Corporal Travis J. Layfield; 19; Fremont, California | Staff Sergeant George S. Rentschler; 31; Louisville, Kentucky | Lance Corporal Anthony P. Roberts; 18; Bear, Delaware | Staff Sergeant Allan K. Walker; 28; Lancaster, California | Second Lieutenant John T. Wroblewski; 25; Oak Ridge, New Jersey | Specialist Robert R. Arsiaga; 25; San Antonio, Texas | Specialist Ahmed A. Cason; 24; McCalla, Alabama | Sergeant Yihjyh L. Chen; 31; Saipan, Marianas Protectorate | Specialist Israel Garza; 25; Lubbock, Texas | Private First Class Deryk L. Hallal; 24; Indianapolis, Indiana | Specialist Stephen D. Hiller; 25; Opelika, Alabama | Corporal Forest J. Jostes; 22; Albion, Illinois | Specialist David M. McKeever; 25; Buffalo, New York | Sergeant Michael W. Mitchell; 25; Porterville, California | Sergeant Gerardo Moreno; 23; Terrell, Texas | Private First Class Christopher Ramos; 26; Albuquerque, New Mexico | Lance Corporal Matthew K. Serio; 21; North Providence, Rhode Island | Specialist Casey Sheehan; 24; Vacaville, California | Corporal Jesse L. Thiry; 23; Casco, Wisconsin | Private First Class John D. Amos; 22; Valparaiso, Indiana | Corporal Tyler R. Fey; 22; Eden Prairie, Minnesota | Specialist Philip G. Rogers; 23; Gresham, Oregon | Lance Corporal Aric J. Barr; 22; Allegheny, Pennsylvania | Private First Class Geoffery S. Morris; 19; Gurnee, Illinois | Fifteen names not yet released

In Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan, Philippines, the Persian Gulf, and other areas), US military deaths exceed 110, not counting "Coalition" military deaths. Estimated Afghan deaths so far: 3,700 or more civilians; thousands of military deaths.

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--- Jennifer Weiss