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Body count 5.18.05

The totals:

1,618 American soldiers, 180 Coalition soldiers, and approximately 21,523 to 24,415 Iraqi civilians have been killed in Iraq from the beginning of the war and occupation to May 13.

American soldiers killed from May 8-13:

Corporal Dustin A. Derga, 24; Columbus, Ohio | Sergeant Michael A. Marzano, 28; Greenville, Pennsylvania | Staff Sergeant Thor H. Ingraham, 24; Murrysville, Pennsylvania | Private First Class Nicolas E. Messmer, 20; Franklin, Ohio | Sergeant Gary A. Eckert Jr., 24; Toledo, Ohio | Lance Corporal Marcus Mahdee, 20; Fort Walton Beach, Florida | Private First Class Stephen P. Baldwyn, 19; Saltillo, Mississippi | Lance Corporal Taylor B. Prazynski, 20; Fairfield, Ohio | Staff Sergeant Anthony L. Goodwin, 33; Mount Holly, New Jersey | First Sergeant Michael J. Bordelon, 37; Morgan City, Louisiana | Staff Sergeant Kendall H. Ivy II, 28; Crawford, Ohio | Staff Sergeant Samuel T. Castle, 26; Naples, Texas | Lance Corporal John T. Schmidt III, 21; Brookfield, Connecticut | Lance Corporal Wesley G. Davids, 20; Dublin, Ohio | Private First Class Kenneth E. Zeigler II, 22; Dillsburg, Pennsylvania | Sergeant Andrew R. Jodon, 27; Karthaus, Pennsylvania | Sergeant John M. Smith, 22; Wilmington, North Carolina | Private First Class Travis W. Anderson, 28; Hooper, Colorado.

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