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Body count 4.6.05

The totals:

1,536 American soldiers, 177 Coalition soldiers, and approximately 17,316 to 19,696 Iraqi civilians have been killed in Iraq from the beginning of the war and occupation to April 5.

American soldiers killed from March 30 to April 5:

Private First Class Samuel S. Lee, 19; Anaheim, California | Specialist Eric L. Toth, 21; Edmonton, Kentucky | Warrant Officer Charles G. Wells Jr., 32; Montgomery, Alaska | Lance Corporal Tenzin Dengkhim, 19; Falls Church, Virginia | Sergeant Kenneth L. Ridgley, 30; Olney, Illinois | Staff Sergeant Ioasa F. Tavae Jr., 29; Pago Pago, American Samoa | Corporal Garrywesley T. Rimes, 30; Santa Maria, California | Sergeant James A. Sherrill, 27; Ekron, Kentucky.

Sources: US Department of Defense,, The New York Times,