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Body count 3.9.05

The totals:

1,509 American soldiers, 175 Coalition soldiers, and approximately 16,214 to 18,491 Iraqi civilians have been killed in Iraq from the beginning of the war and occupation to March 7.

American soldiers killed from Feb 28-Mar 7:

Lance Corporal Andrew W. Nowacki, 24; South Euclid, Ohio | Private First Class Min S. Choi, 21; River Vale, New Jersey | Staff Sergeant Alexander B. Crackel, 31; Rockledge, Florida | Specialist Michael S. Deem, 35; Rockledge, Florida | Second Lieutenant Richard B. Gienau, 29; Longview, Iowa | Private Landon S. Giles, 19; Indiana, Pennsylvania | Private First Class Chassan S. Henry, 20; West Palm Beach, Florida | Private First Class Danny L. Anderson, 29; Corpus Christi, Texas | Sergeant Julio E. Negron, 28; Pompano Beach, Florida | Specialist Lizbeth Robles, 31; Vega Baja, Puerto Rico | Specialist Azhar Ali, 27; New York City, New York | Specialist Wai P. Lwin, 27; New York City, New York | Specialist Robert S. Pugh, 25; Meridian, Mississippi | Sergeant First Class Michael D. Jones, 43; Unity, Maine | Staff Sergeant Juan M. Solorio, 32; Dallas, Texas | Captain Sean Grimes, 31; Southfield, Michigan | Sergeant First Class Donald W. Eacho, 38; Black Creek, Wisconsin | Corporal Stephen M. McGowan, 26; Newark, Delaware | Specialist Wade Michael Twyman, 27; Vista, California.

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