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Body count 3.2.05


The totals:

1,489 American soldiers, 173 Coalition soldiers, and approximately 16,123 to 18,395 Iraqi civilians have been killed in Iraq from the beginning of the war and occupation to February 27.

American soldiers killed from Feb 23-27:

Corporal Kevin M. Clarke, 21; Tinley Park, Illinois | Lance Corporal Trevor D. Aston, 32; Austin, Texas | Staff Sergeant David F. Day, 25; St. Louis Park, Minnesota | Sergeant Jesse M. Lhotka, 24; Alexandria, Minnesota | Corporal John T. Olson, 21; Elk Grove Village, Illinois | First Lieutenant Jason G. Timmerman, 24; Tracy, Minnesota | Staff Sergeant Daniel G. Gresham, 23; Lincoln, Illinois | Sergeant Nicholas J. Olivier, 26; Ruston, Louisiana | Specialist Jacob C. Palmatier, 29; Springfield, Illinois | Staff Sergeant Eric M. Steffeney, 28; Waterloo, Iowa | Specialist Adam N. Brewer, 22; Dewey, Oklahoma | Specialist Jason L. Moski, 24; Blackville, South Carolina | Specialist Colby M. Farnan, 22; Weston, Missouri.

Sources: US Department of Defense,, The New York Times,

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