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Body count 12.8.04

To honor the war dead and fill an information gap in US mass media, City Newspaper will run weekly lists of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians killed during the occupation of Iraq.

The totals:

1,273 American soldiers, 146 Coalition soldiers, and approximately 14,619 to 16,804 Iraqicivilians have been killed in Iraq (a recent survey published by Lancet medical journal estimates as many as 100,000 Iraqi civilians killed) from the beginning of the war and occupation to December 6.

American soldiers killed from December 1-6:

Private First Class Stephen C. Benish, 20; Clark, New Jersey | Lance Corporal Adam R. Brooks, 20; Manchester, New Hampshire | Lance Corporal Charles A. Hanson, 22; Panacea, Florida | Corporal Gentian Marku, 22; Warren, Michigan | Specialist Sergio R. Diazvarela, 21; Lomita California | Sergeant Christian P. Engeldrum, 39; New York City, New York | Lance Corporal Blake A. Magaoay, 20; Pearl City, Hawaii | Sergeant Michael A. Smith, 24; Camden, Arkansas | Private First Class Wilfredo F. Urbina, 29; Baldwin, New York | Sergeant Pablo A. Calderon, 26; New York City, New York | Specialist Daryl A. Davis, 20; Orlando, Florida | Specialist David M. Fisher, 21; Green Island, New York | Sergeant Jose Guereca, Jr., 24; Missouri City, Texas | Specialist Erik W. Hayes, 24; Cascade, Michigan | Corporal Zachary A. Kolda, 23; Corpus Christi, Texas | Gunnery Sergeant Javier Obleas-Prado Pena, 36; Falls Church, Virginia | Staff Sergeant Salamo J. Tuialuuluu, 23, Pago Pago, American Samoa | Sergeant David A. Mitts, 24, Hammond, Oregon | Corporal Binh N. Le, 20; Alexandria, Virginia | Corporal Matthew A. Wyatt, 21; Millstadt, Illinois | Specialist David P. Mahlenbrock, 20; Maple Shade, New Jersey | Private First Class George D. Harrison, 22; Knoxville, Tennessee.

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