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Body count 12.22.04

To honor the war dead and fill an information gap in US mass media, City Newspaper will run weekly lists of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians killed during the occupation of Iraq.

The totals:

1,299 American soldiers, 150 Coalition soldiers, and approximately 14,876 to 17,072 Iraqi civilians have been killed in Iraq (a recent survey published by Lancet medical journal estimates as many as 100,000 Iraqi civilians killed), and 5,229 Americans have been seriously wounded from the beginning of the war and occupation to December 19.

            An Army study found about one in six soldiers in Iraq report symptoms of major depression, serious anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder; some experts predict that over 100,000 soldiers may eventually require mental health treatment.

American soldiers killed from December 14-19:

Specialist Robert W. Hoyt, 21; Ashford, Connecticut | Specialist Edwin W. Roodhouse, 36; San Jose, California | Staff Sergeant Marvin L. Trost, III, 28; Goshen, Indiana | Lance Corporal Jeffery S. Blanton, 23; Fayetteville, Georgia | Staff Sergeant Melvin L. Blazer, 38; Moore, Oklahoma | Corporal Jason S. Clairday, 21; Camp Fulton, Arkansas | Sergeant Jeffrey L. Kirk, 24; Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Lance Corporal Hilario F. Lopez, 22; Ingleside, Texas | Private First Class Joshua A. Ramsey, 19; Defiance, Ohio | Lance Corporal Gregory P. Rund, 21; Littleton, Colorado | Corporal Ian W. Steward, 21; Lake Hughes, California | Private First Class Brent T. Vroman, 21; Oshkosh, Wisconsin | Lance Corporal Richard D. Warner, 22; Waukesha, Wisconsin | Corporal Michael D. Anderson, 21; Modesto, California | Lance Corporal Joshua W. Dickinson, 25; New Port Richey, Florida | Sergeant Tina S. Time, 22; Tucson, Arizona | Lance Corporal Franklin A. Sweger, 24; San Antonio, Texas.

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