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Body count 10.20.2004

To honor the war dead and fill an information gap in US mass media, City Newspaper will run weekly lists of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians killed during the occupation of Iraq.

The totals:

1099 American soldiers, 138 Coalition soldiers, and approximately 13,278 to 15,357 Iraqi civilians have been killed in Iraq from the beginning of the war and occupation to October 19.

American soldiers killed from Oct 13-19:

Specialist Jacobs N. Morgen, 20; Santa Cruz, California | Private First Class Aaron J. Rusin, 19; Johnstown, Pennsylvania | Staff Sergeant Michael L. Burbank, 34; Bremerton, Washington | Private First Class Anthoney W. Monroe, 20; Bismarck, North Dakota | Sergeant Pamela G. Osbourne, 38; Hollywood, Florida | Specialist Ronald W. Baker, 34; Cabot, Arkansas | Specialist Jeremy F. Regnier, 22; Littleton, New Hampshire | Specialist Jaime Moreno, 28; Round Lake Beach, Illinois | Captain Dennis L. Pintor, 30; Lima, Ohio | Specialist Michael S. Weger, 30; Rochester, New York | Private First Class Mark A. Barbret, 22; Shelby Township, Michigan | Specialst Bradley S. Beard, 22; Chapel Hill, North Carolina | Chief Warrant Officer William I. Brennan, 36; Bethlehem, Connecticut | Specialist Alan J. Burgess, 24; Landaff, New Hampshire | Staff Sergeant Omer T. Hawkins II, 31; Cherry Fork, Ohio | Captain Christopher B. Johnson, 29; Excelsior Springs, Missouri | Sergeant Michael G. Owen, 31; Phoenix, Arizona | Lieutenant Colonel Mark P. Phelan, 44; Green Lane, Pennsylvania | Corporal William I. Salazar, 26; Las Vegas, Nevada | Specialist Jonathan J. Santos, 22; Whatcom, Washington | Lance Corporal Brian K. Schramm, 22; Rochester, New York | Major Charles R. Soltes, Jr., 36; Irvine, California | Specialist Josiah H. Vandertulip, 21; Irving, Texas | Private David L. Waters, 19; Auburn, California.

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