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BLUES ROCK | Samantha Fish


Samantha Fish may seem angelic at first glance, but she's actually a scrappy rock 'n' roll vixen. Raised by a musical family in Kansas City, Missouri, Fish switched from drums to guitar around age 15, and self-released her first album by the time she was 20. She has since released five studio albums. Fish went for a vintage R&B vibe on her March 2017 album, "Chills & Fever," and then quickly switched it up with more soulful, roots-y songwriting on "Belle of the West," released in November. She has a gritty voice, with the fiery passion of Janis Joplin and a warm, melismatic lower range, shining brightest when it opens up into its higher register as each song builds. Supported by horns, drums, and bass, Fish's music is a romp-stomping party that fans of contemporary blues, Americana, garage rock, and roots music can all equally enjoy.

Samantha Fish plays Saturday, June 2, at Flour City Station, 170 East Avenue. 7 p.m. $15-$35.;