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BLUES-JAZZ | The Occasional Saints


P.V. Nunes tickles the ivories in the quintessential barrelhouse piano style that drifts outta joints in The Big Easy nightly. His band The Occasional Saints is bawdy and naughty, like angels with day jobs, doing the devil's work. Penned by Nunes, this rockin' septet's music is virtually all original — with a subtle boogie and a not-so-subtle swing. It'll make your backbone slip. It'll remind you a little of Mose Allison. It'll get you coming or going. You won't know whether to dance or duck. You might have to do both.

The Occasional Saints play Thursday, November 14, 7:30 p.m. at Iron Smoke Distillery, 111 Parce Avenue, Suite 5B, Fairport. $5. 388-7584.;