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BLUES | Benny Turner


From the Chittlin' Circuit to the Far East, blues bassist Benny Turner has spent the last 60 years circling the globe as a sideman. Now, we're not talking just any sideman to just anybody, we're talking about playing with Freddy King, who incidentally was Turner's brother. Turner played with King until the guitarist's death in 1976. Turner also plays guitar, but it was his signature electric bass that got him work with a plethora of blues artists. Rochester guitar hero Phillip Marshall once told me, "You're not a guitar player until you can play Freddy King's 'Hideaway.'" Well, you get to dig Steve Grills pull that one off, along with a ton of King classics, with Turner on bass.

Benny Turner plays with Steve Grills on Wednesday, September 27, at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, 99 Court Street. 9 p.m. Free.;