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Best of Rochester

Worst of the best

Best sledding: Seabreeze

Best drag performer: Don Alhart

Best small live theater: Rochester Performing Arts Center

Best party district: Walnut Street

Best independent bookstore: Barnes & Noble, Borders, Walden's, Show World

Best place to shoot pool: Jillian's

Best arcade: Jillian's, Penny Arcade

Best toy store: Show World

Best thrift store: sheriff's auction

Best place to buy an unusual gift: the ninja store, Walmart, Show World

Best Caribbean: Bahama Breeze

Best place to walk the dog: Charlotte Pier, East Main Street

Best make-out spot: Geva bathroom (two votes), home, herb garden at RMSC, my car

Best skate park (not state park): Letchworth, Hamlin, Stony Brook

Best local point of pride: Country Sweet Chicken and Ribs

Best fishing hole: can't tell you

Regional winery: Genesee, corner of Goodman and Monroe

Best public restroom: NYS thruway

Best parking: Ferry terminal

Most annoying public person: Gary the Happy Pirate

Retail store/restaurant idea Rochester most needs: buffet, burrito stand, communal cafeteria, handbag store, Taco Bell

Best indication of near-world domination: Wegmans got votes in 18 food categories including best Chinese, Thai, kosher, and bargain restaurants; best fish fry; best sushi; best ice cream; and best buffet. That doesn't include votes in other categories like "Best point of local pride."