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Best of Rochester 2013: Nightlife


Best New Bar TRATA. 145 Culver Rd., 270-5460, tratarochester.com. (Runners up: Daily Refresher | The Revelry | Veritas Wine Bar | Wall Street)

Best Bar for Beer Tap & Mallet. 381 Gregory St., 473-0503, tapandmallet.com. (Runners up: MacGregor's | Old Toad | Victoire)

Best Bar for Wine Flight Wine Bar. 262 Exchange Blvd,. 360-4180, winebarflight.com. (Runners up: Chocolate & Vines | Solera | Veritas)

Best Bar for Craft Cocktails Good Luck. 50 Anderson Ave., 340-6161, restaurantgoodluck.com. (Runners up: Cheshire | Daily Refresher | The Revelry)

Best Sports Bar The Distillery. Many area locations. thedistillery.com. (Runners up: Acme Bar & Pizza | Jeremiah's | Sports Page)

Best Dance Club Tilt. 444 Central Ave, 232-8440. (Runners up: One | Vertex | Vinyl)

Best Juke Box Lux Lounge. 666 South Ave., 232-9030, lux666.com. (Runners up: Abilene | Marge's Lakeside Inn | Skylark Lounge)

Best Bar for Karaoke Scotland Yard. 187 St. Paul St., 730-5030, scotlandyardpub.com. (Runners up: 140 Alex | Colony | Temple)

Best Place to take a Date Good Luck. 50 Anderson Ave., 340-6161, restaurantgoodluck.com. (Runners up: Chocolates & Vines | The Little | TRATA)

Best Place to Meet Singles Wegmans. Many area locations. wegmans.com. (Runners up: Lux Lounge | Murphy's Law | Taylor's Nightclub)

Best Cheap Night Out Acme Bar & Pizza. 495 Monroe Ave., 271-2263. (Runners up: Cinema | Lux Lounge | Marshall Street Bar & Grill)

Best Sexy Bartender Emily Horsington (Good Luck) (Runners up: Don Bush (Marshall Street) | Phil Stratigis (Tap and Table) | Caitlin Trabert (Bug Jar) )

In This Guide...

  • Best of Rochester 2013

    Here's the deal
    Normally I start out the introduction to City Newspaper's annual Best of Rochester issue by blathering about the awesomeness of Rochester and making terrible puns based around that year's theme. I'm taking a different tactic this year — although there will probably still be puns.

  • Best of Rochester 2013: Food & Drink

    Best Pizza Mark's Pizzeria. Many area locations.

  • Best of Rochester 2013: Goods & Services

    New Retail Store Little Bleu Cheese Shop. 684 South Ave., 730-8296, littlebleucheese.com.

  • Best of Rochester 2013: Local Color

    Best Local Politician Louise Slaughter. @louiseslaughter (Runners up: Lisa Jacques | Tom Richards | Joe Robach)

  • Best of Rochester 2013: Arts & Entertainment

    Best Local Band Something Else (Runners up: Bogs Visionary Orchestra | Cherry Bomb | Sirens & Sailors) Best Solo Musician Mikaela Davis (Runners up: Johnny Bauer | Hieronymus Bogs | Ted Nicolosi)

  • Best of Rochester 2013: CITY Critic Picks

    Best Way to Fool Others Into Thinking You Cooked From Scratch Newbury Park Pastries' Chicken Pot Pie

  • Best of Rochester 2013: Best Answers

    Off-the-cuff, sometime off-color responses to our Best of Rochester 2013 Primary Ballot
    Spelling bee "La Petite Pouting"; "La Petite Pouring"; "Pouting Truck"; "Me Petite Poutine"; "Poutite Poutine"; "Poutine: Have fun sorting through all of the spellings of that" (Best Food Truck)