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Best of Greater Rochester

Best answer

You, gentle reader, are the best Greater Rochester has to offer. Here are some of your responses.

Sushi restaurant: The pretentious place with the BMW parked outside it

Street meat: STREET MEAT

Bar/restaurant to impress a wine connoisseur: My grandmas basement

Bar/restaurant to order beer in a can: NOWHERE! Never drink beer out of cans!

Place to take the kids: a better school district | away from me

Place to take a vegetarian: To the moon! (eat meat) | mourning at Atomic Eggplant | I don't befriend vegetarians | the zoo

Place to cure a hangover: planetarium | a time machine

Place for a first date: Swans German deli | Scuttlebutt's next to the fish tank

Place for a last date: NET office | the cemetery

Place to buy a used car: someone's front yard in Wayne County | my dad | a used car dealer

Protest slogan of 2005: Boston Still Sucks | Frodo Failed Bush Has the Ring | I Love My Country, But I Think We Should Start Seeing Other People | The Only Bush I Trust Is My Own

Slogan to replace "Rochester: Made for Living": Rochester: Pretty Good, Most of the Time | Rochester Is For Lovers | Rochester: Formerly Home to Kodak | It Could Be Worse | The Last One to Leave, Turn Out the Lights | Rochester: South of Toronto

Tradition: that ugly Liberty Pole at Christmas

Evidence the region's outlook is good: I finally got a job

Evidence we're all going to hell: uptick in foreign beer consumption | City Newspaper thinks Chris Maj is insane but John Parinello is not | local family appearing on Nanny 911 | We're not going to hell, that's not very positive. Think positively!

Way to lure people to the area: alcohol | free food | shiny objects

Best-kept secret: libraries should be used more

Most annoying public person: the guy who has been saying, "we ordered too many cars! what are we going to do?! we can't stack cars!!" for a year

Item to buy at the Public Market: large eggs | Mennonite cookies | salt potatoes from the smoking farmer | bunny rabbits but not to eat | Muppet things

Thing to do on the Genesee River: drown (five votes) | cover your mouth | develop film

Place to pick up a basketball game: Jim's emporium of very tiny and light-weight basketball games

Cheap thrill: my ex

Original band: Buddahood or Gaylord --- can I vote for both? OK if not then just Buddahood. But you should let me vote twice. Cause I left a lot of others blank. | (Is it gouche that I vote for my band?... I mean, I honestly think we rock, and I'm sure other bands vote for themselves as well.)

Place to dig some poetry: If you dig poetry, I will dig your grave | 800 section --- Rochester Public Library | Uncle Plum!

Gay bar: does Uncle Plum play gay bars?

Place to see naked women: JCC | ewww

Place to see naked men: Men don't get naked. We disrobe! | JCC | ewww

Pickup line: You have nice teeth | I want to slap your thighs up with some biscuits and gravy | I work at the futon shop