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Best of Greater Rochester 2005

Our readers and writers tell you how it is

So, how about that ferry, huh?

We may have to just agree to disagree and retreat to our corners on this one. Look at the readers' poll. Best use of public funds? The ferry. Misuse of public funds? The ferry. Evidence the region's outlook is good? Ah, a really big boat. Evidence we're all going to hell? You got it, sister.

Thank you to everyone who voted. We couldn't have done it without you. And more than that, we feel like we learned a lot about you, readers, from your answers this year. For example, you're engaging. Many of you didn't answer the question, per se, but gave us little informative details: "I don't drink coffee." OK, that's cool. Or you answered a question with another question. "Are you joking?" "We have go-karts in Rochester???" "People still use those things?" "Huh?" And our favorite: "Who really cares?" Umm, we do.

You're a loyal bunch, too. If, for example, a certain store sends around an email suggesting that maybe, just maybe, they would be a great candidate for nearly every category in the reader's poll, then by God, that's just how you're going to vote. We admire that. True friends to the end.

You seem to enjoy doing a lot of things either in your beds (seeing naked people, recovering from hangovers, answering questions) or in your basements (drinking wine, going on dates, working out). And while Wegmans didn't steal nearly as many votes as last year, it does seem to be a hotbed of dating activity. We're going to dress a lot better on our grocery runs from now on.

Most of all, you gave us answers that were a lot of fun to read. Thanks for weighing in. Every time we select a plumber, try to pick a bookstore or an Indian restaurant to patronize, or are wondering what's the best place to go camping ("You can CAMP in Rochester?"), we'll be thinking of you.

Once again, City writers have also shared their opinions on what makes this area so gosh-darned neat. They really want you to enjoy the finer life here, so take a gander. You may not agree --- these are highly personal choices --- but we think that's OK. This isn't life or death (though try telling that to all you ballot stuffers), and we're just hoping to share some dialogue here. Maybe you'll nod and smile in recognition, maybe you'll shake your fist at the sky. Who knows? But that's what makes it fun, doesn't it?

Oh, who really cares?

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