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Best Local Color 2017

Best Local Activist Group

Gay Alliance of Genesee Valley (now the Out Alliance). 100 College Avenue. 244-8640; gayalliance.org

Runners up: B.L.A.C.K. | Metro Justice | Rochester Food Not Bombs

Best Source of Rochester Pride

Wegmans. @wegmans; wegmans.com

Runners up: George Eastman Museum | Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley | Red Wings | Susan B. Anthony

Best Local Men's Sports Team

Red Wings. @rocredwings; redwingsbaseball.com

Runners up: Amerks | Flour City Fear | Rhinos

Best Local Women's Sports Team

Roc Stars (Roc City Roller Derby). @rocderby; rocderby.com

Runners up: Lady Lancers | Renegades | RIT Women's Hockey

Best Local Recreational Sports League

Kickball League of Rochester. @k_l_o_r; rockickball.net

Runners up: GRADA Ultimate Frisbee | Hot Shots Volleyball | NACKA Kickball

Best Local Radio Personality

Evan Dawson of WXXI. @evandawson; wxxinews.org

Runners up: Megan Carter | Jeremy Newman | Brother Wease

Best Local Radio Station

92.5 WBEE. @925wbee; wbee.com

Runners up: 90.5 WBER | 104.3 WAYO | 1370 WXXI

Best Local TV Personality

Scott Hetsko. @scotthetsko; 13wham.com

Runners up: Don Alhart | Doug Emblidge | Norma Holland

Best Local TV News Station

13 WHAM. @13wham; 13wham.com

Runners up: 8 WROC | 10 WHEC | WXXI Television

Best Local Website

Roc Wiki. rocwiki.org

Runners up: Rochester Subway (rochestersubway.com) | Sir Rocha Says (sirrochasays.com) | The Rochesteriat (therochesteriat.com)

Best Local Facebook Page

Lollypop Farm. facebook.com/lollypopfarm

Runners up: Parkleigh (facebook.com/parkleighrochester) | Rachel Barnhart (facebook.com/rochester.rachel) | Sir Rocha Says (facebook.com/sirrochasays)

Best Local Twitter Feed


Runners up: @akachela | @medleycentre | @rachbarnhart

Best Local Instagram Account


Runners up: @londonandrews | @ratfinkinmydinner | @sirrochasays

Best Local Podcast

Food About Town. @stromie; foodabouttown.com

Runners up: Air Wreck Radio | Comedy @ the Carlsoncast | Today Then | The 259 Show

Most Important Local News Story of 2017

Flooding along Lake Ontario.

Runners up: Judge Leticia Astacio violates probation | Parcel 5 | Murder of Craig Rideout

Most Important Local News Story Ignored in 2017

Lovely Warren campaign corruption.

Runners up: Police brutality | Rochester poverty | The destruction of the subway

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