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Bello is running for county exec


Democrat Adam Bello announced Saturday morning that he's running for county executive.  But his candidacy  was hardly a secret by that point:  some  city and suburban Democratic Committees had already designated him as their exec candidate.

It’s been rumored for months that Democrats were interested in fielding Bello, the current County Clerk and former Irondequoit Supervisor, to challenge Republican incumbent Cheryl Dinolfo this fall.

Democrat Adam Bello has announced that he's running for Monroe County executive. - PHOTO BY RANDY GORBMAN
  • Democrat Adam Bello has announced that he's running for Monroe County executive.
During his speech at the Workers United Hall on East Avenue, Bello criticized the current administration on several points, including the argument that they are somewhat hamstrung by state mandates.

“Blaming other people for all of our problems, blaming Albany, blaming Washington instead of looking at how county government can do a better job inspire people, get people the resources it needs to invest right here, I think we’ve been failing and not doing that,” Bello said.

Bello criticized decades of Republican control of county government. He says the administration should be, “…about bringing neighbors together, improving their lives in important ways and giving them hope for a brighter future. And so I ask you, in the last 30 years has county government done anything to help you achieve a brighter future.”

A spokesman for the campaign to re-elect Dinolfo, Ian Winner, released this statement:

“Some sling mud, others get things done. That’s how County Executive Dinolfo cut the property tax rate for the first time in a decade - saving taxpayers millions - helped secure nearly 20,000 jobs, and returned the County’s credit ratings to all ‘A’s’. She has no time for Albany-style politics as usual.”

The issue over taxes has been one brought up by both political parties in recent years. Republicans have touted the tax rate reduction that was part of the 2019 county budget, but Democrats have noted that the overall property tax levy has been going up.  Democrats have also argued that Dinolfo was able to reduce the tax rate in her budget proposal because several municipalities have recently reassessed property values, driving the countywide tax base up.

Jeremy Moule contributed to this article.