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ART | 'Vision of the Voice'


Artist Joel Dow has long been a fixture in the Rochester music scene, from their work in indie folk band The Pickpockets to their experimental sound compositions under the moniker City Harvest Black. Dow's March artist residency at Visual Studies Workshop culminates this Friday in a video exhibition called "Vision of the Voice," their first formal show of visual art. Utilizing analog video equipment, Dow presents a visual manifestation of their approach to sound. They combine black-and-white archival footage, film hand-painted in an abstract expressionist style, and video feedback loops to uncover sacred symbols in the language of light, patterns, and movement. The First Friday presentation will feature Dow's "Wishing Well," an interactive video installation that enables you to create your own kaleidoscopic video feedback loops. Attendees are also urged to "bring small objects of personal significance or insignificance."

"Vision of the Voice" takes place on Friday, April 6, at Visual Studies Workshop, 31 Prince Street. 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Free. 442-8676.