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ART | Sagefest 8


One of life's beauties is the way in which different people interpret the things around them. What one person may see in one light another might see completely different. That's one of the wonders of art and the artists who create. On Thursday, April 17, Sage Art Center will be hosting SageFest 8, a celebration of art that is usually not seen in galleries and institutions. This year's event focuses on art created outside of the "art world" and examines the influence it has in the community. Sagefest will kick off with local Wall Therapy artist Thievin' Stephen, who creates murals focused on the world we live in and the truth and beauty in it. Work will also been shown by senior art major Nina Korn, whose work includes wooden signs in an attempt to speak out and bring attention to the issues in Sumatra. In addition, art minor Ben Goulet will be screen printing SageFest 8 t-shirts during the event.

SageFest 8 will take place at the Sage Art Center at University of Rochester River Campus, from 5-8 p.m. Admission is free. For more information, visit