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ART | "Pretty Pain: New Works by Lea"


Way back in 2008, 1975 Gallery's first show featured three talented emerging artists: Sarah C. Rutherford, Adam Francey, and Lea Rizzo. All three have since been featured as WALL\THERAPY muralists, two have a successful practice as tattoo artists (Francey and Rizzo), two are members of the Sweet Meat Co. artist collective (Rutherford and Rizzo), and two co-founded The Yards Collaborative Art Space in 2011 (Rutherford and Rizzo).

All these years later, each of the three have recently returned to 1975 with a solo showing of current work. The final in the trio of shows, "Pretty Pain: New Works by Lea," opens Saturday, April 11, and will offer a glimpse into the artist's process, and feature blends of tattoo style with lovely illustrative portraiture. Her work often features dreamy pin-up dolls, beautifully phrased sentiments in stylized script, and mythic hybrids of humans and animals. Here, she'll also spotlight some familiar faces and their iconic ink.

The opening reception will take place 7 to 10 p.m., and the show will continue through May 1. Learn more and RSVP to the event at Preview teasers of the work on Instagram: @lea_yolanda or search #prettypain1975 on your favorite social media channels.