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ART | Mythological Taxidermy


Artist Brenda Killackey-Jones takes some of the best creatures from fiction and brings them to life — or to the recently expired, mounted to the wall "life." Killackey-Jones's third annual Mythological Taxidermy is currently on display at Nox Cocktail Lounge, with mixed media sculptures of magical creatures from Harry Potter, "Game of Thrones," and "The Dark Crystal." You might have already seen the mounted blue head of a dragon (named Oraneth the Brave) in Nox, and now a Skeksis, a werewolf, and a few other creations will be on display through November.

Brenda Killackey-Jones's Mythological Taxidermy is on display through November 30 at Nox Cocktail Lounge, 302 North Goodman Street (Village Gate). Look out for the artwork during Nox's normal hours.;