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ART | 'Mass MisEducation'


The newest installment in 21st Century Arts' intersectionality-focused "At the Crossroads" series is "Mass MisEducation: A Long Table Conversation." This weekend's event will feature screenings — first a segment of Susan Gray and Bestor Cram's "Birth of a Movement," as well as various TED talks that caution against single-view narratives about race and intend to expand our thinking beyond spoon-fed propaganda — which serve as provocations for the Long Table Conversation that follows. Between the screenings guests can take part in a game that will complicate two-dimensional notions of privilege. The free-form discussion will tackle the complexities of privilege under white male supremacy.

"Mass MisEducation" will take place Saturday, April 14, from 3 to 6 p.m. at Gallery Seventy Four (215 Tremont Street). The cost to attend is $15; register at