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ART | "It Came From the Vault"


The art that you see on the walls and pedestals at museums and galleries tends to only be a percentage of the work in venue's total collection. As part of the Memorial Art Gallery's centennial celebration, the art house will present "It Came from the Vault: Rarely Seen Works MAG's Collection." This exhibition will feature more than 200 works of art from the 4th millennium BCE to the 21st century that, for a variety of reasons, aren't frequently placed in public view. The objects were collected under six directors during the gallery's first 100 years, and include famous names such as Hopper, Hockney, and Klee, as well as many local artists who played key roles at MAG and in the region's rich art history.

The members-only opening party for "It Came from the Vault" will take place Saturday, March 16, 8-11 p.m., and is free for members to attend, but is closed to the general public. The exhibit is open to the public Sunday, March 17, through Sunday, June 9, and is included in gallery admission ($5-$12). Guided exhibition tours, lectures, and other events surrounding this exhibition are listed online at For more information, call 376-8900.