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ART | Images and Objects of Interest: Telling A Story


The exhibit "Images and Objects of Interest" presents a broad range of film, digital images, and found objects from local artist Tim Cosgriff, celebrating the art of narration through photography. Cosgriff has a long-standing impact on the local photo scene; his works have been displayed at the Eastman House, the Central Library, the Memorial Art Gallery, Cutler Ballroom at The Memorial Art Gallery, and more over the past 10 years. With styles ranging from dark nature portraits to a gingerbread pyramid — made in 2010 for Eastman House's annual "Sweet Creations" — this exhibition will showcase Cosgriff's most powerful works. Also featured is a magnetic bulletin board, complete with words and images, which will allow patrons to create their own works.

Images and Objects of Interest runs through Friday, August 28, at the Central Library's Lower Link Gallery (115 South Avenue). Admission is free. For more information, visit