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ART | "Hoag: Sculpture Combines"


For me, admiring the aimless elegance of Lee Hoag's sculptural work has always brought on the creeping sense of an archaeologist trying to discern a set of objects hailing from some alien or long-forgotten culture. The shapes and forms feel familiar, but their uncertain utility is slippery. Hoag creates mixed media sculptural work, transforming mundane, manmade objects — mainly in metal, glass, ceramic, and wood — into works of wonder. Bucking representationalism, Hoag's narrative-less pieces possess a mysterious draw, in no small part due to their careful balance of line, form, texture, tone, and scale.

"Sculpture Combines," an exhibition of Hoag's mixed media sculpture currently on display at Our House Gallery (at Veteran's Outreach Center, 783 South Avenue), will remain on view through Friday, December 12. Meet the artist during the last-chance reception on Friday, December 12, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. For more information, including gallery hours, call 295-7836 or visit To preview the artist's work, visit