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This month's First Friday kicks off the summer season with new exhibits, so be sure to check out the full list of venues and receptions on our online calendar at (All events are free unless otherwise noted.)

The 6x6 Exhibition at Rochester Contemporary Art Center (137 East Avenue) will return for its 7th year due to its overwhelming popularity. Over 6,700 pieces of art work have been donated by international and local artist, celebrities, designers, youth, and everyone in-between to support the gallery with each piece being sold for $20 each. For more information, go to or call 461-2222.

Spectrum Gallery (100 College Avenue) will feature Tate Shaw's blend of digital photography and water color print. Shaw's work, "The Ground," comes from his experience with how the energy industry uses water as its primary tool when interacting with the land. For more information, visit or call 444-0201.

"The Wizard and the Woods" will be hosted by International Art Acquisitions (3300 Monroe Avenue) Here the American artist, Linda Kall, has the abstract wizard collide with wooded landscapes through oil and mixed media. For more information, visit Internationalartaquisitions or call 264-1440.

The demolition and slow re-building of the Midtown Plaza over the last few years has fascinated Meredith Davenport and given her an uncanny visual relevance to the images of 9/11. Davenport's "Project Midtown," debuting at Visual Studies Workshop (31 Prince Street), uses these images to create and build on the idea of nostalgia. For more information, visit or call 442-8676.