Anomaly Film Fest: Something in the Dirt

When: Thu., Nov. 3, 6:15 p.m. 2022

A scintillating sci-fi journey of reality refraction and personal reflection.

John and Levi are new neighbors in a crumbling Los Angeles apartment complex who become tangled together when they witness an inexplicable phenomenon of light and sound one afternoon. Deciding to document the strange event for posterity — and perhaps fame and fortune — the two men soon fall head first into ever-evolving conspiracy theories, twisting rabbit holes, and the impossible trick of giving meaning to the (maybe) meaningless. What happens when selling a mystery becomes more important than being a friend?

The latest indie sci-fi mind-bender from Benson and Moorhead, the filmmakers behind The Endless and Marvel’s Loki season 2.

Price: $12 general admission