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Annual Manual 2018


Compared to some cities in the US, Rochester’s not very old. But boy, do we have history. And what happened in the past has shaped what we are today, in many ways. Scratch the surface of current developments like the photonics institute and the arts and you’ll find a thread that links back through earlier developments in the city.

Local labor organizations are following in the footsteps of earlier organized workers, the folks who built the Erie Canal. Activists pushing today for better housing, better schools, and criminal-justice reforms are working in the shadow of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass.

Signs of early industrial leaders are everywhere, and not just in the names of buildings and institutions. George Eastman founded a major camera and film company – and his philanthropy, and that of Kodak, lives on at the Eastman School of Music, the Rochester Philharmonic, and the George Eastman Museum.

In our 2018 Annual Manual, you’ll find some of those stories – and maybe some surprises, too.


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