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Learning Roc

You can live in a city your entire life and still learn new things about it every day. Maybe it's because you don't get across town very often. Or maybe you drive the same route to work every day, but just never noticed that small kosher meat market.

Then again, in a city like Rochester — a place filled with makers — new things pop up every day.

We wanted to take a simpler approach with this year's Annual Manual. It's difficult to boil down everything a city has to offer into one 64-page publication — there's so much to cover that we could put one out monthly — so we focused our mission instead.

What would go into a publication that could put a Rochester newbie in the know, but could still tell a native something brand new about a city they thought they knew intimately?

We still had enough ideas to fill Annual Manuals for the next 10 years.

We have our continuing series spotlighting Rochester neighborhoods and suburbs. We took a look at what the city offers young professionals. And did you know that RIT houses a large collection of works by famed designer Massimo Vignelli in a large design center?

You may learn something new about St. Paul Street, or discover where to get those hard-to-find ingredients for your Asian dish. And for those looking for a good read, we talked with five authors who drew inspiration from the area.

There's always something new to explore in Rochester. It just takes a close look out and an adventurous mind.

- Jake Clapp

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