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ANNUAL MANUAL '12: Introduction

Considering Rochester’s past, present, future


Rochester is something of a hot topic right now. Over the past few months our fair city has been getting a fair share of national media attention. Some of it has focused on the precarious financial situations of some of our historic business leaders, while some of it has pointed out the region's tremendous growth potential.

            There is no question that Rochester is in a period of transition, which is why it's a perfect time to consider the area's past, present, and future. Hopefully that is what this year's Annual Manual will help you do. Inside these pages you will find more profiles on city neighborhoods and county suburbs. (This is the fourth year of this project; for additional profiles find previous editions of City's Annual Manual on rochestercitynewspaper.com.) You can also consider the current state of Rochester by reading up on our guide to arts and cultural venues that might be off of your radar. Or get ideas on how to stay active in Rochesterwith the story on alternative local fitness options.

            Rochester's storied past gets some play in Katherine Stathis's fascinating article on some of the city's most interesting historical monuments. The inspirations for these markers are interesting enough, but seeing how these supposed permanent reminders get shuffled around due to "urban renewal" is illuminating in a different way. We also have a piece detailing the history of that signature Rochester dish, the garbage plate.

            As for the future, it might not have the clout of education or biotech, but Rochester has a burgeoning t-shirt design industry you probably know nothing about. Check out Rebecca Rafferty's piece for the details. And make sure to save our annual special-events calendar so that you don't miss any of the top-notch cultural opportunities that make this city as vibrant as it ever was.

In This Guide...

  • ANNUAL MANUAL '12: Custom t-shirt presses in Rochester

    Custom t-shirt presses are becoming booming business in Rochester
    Maybe your band needs some shirts printed up before you go on that northeast tour. Or perhaps your bar-sponsored softball team is gearing up for the summer and you want to talk to a printer about pricing and design options.

  • ANNUAL MANUAL '12: Rochester Hot Dog Guide

    Looking for some hots stuff. A look at the history — and the current champions — of Rochester’s signature cuisine
    BY ERIC LACLAIR Many cities or regions are identified by a special food or dish.

  • ANNUAL MANUAL '12: Rochester neighborhoods

    Get to know the Greater Rochester area
    MonroeCounty is about as diverse a community as you can find: a mid-size city, rural areas with orchards and farm markets, suburbs with 20th-century tract houses and shopping malls, and quaint, Victorian villages. The GeneseeRiver and the Erie Canal bisect the county, more or less vertically and diagonally, so geology and history are a constant presence, shaping everything from traffic patterns to architecture and public festivals.

  • ANNUAL MANUAL '12: Rochester Monuments

    Permanent markers. A look at some of Rochester’s most interesting, and sometimes overlooked, monuments
    Rochester's history is a fascinating study, only partly told by our standing monuments. As permanent dedications, these structures are anything but motionless -- they have a tendency to move with our changing city, unlike our dedicated grand spaces, such as MountHope and Holy Sepulchre cemeteries.

  • ANNUAL MANUAL '12: Rochester's lesser-known entertainment

    Beyond the big dogs. Expand your cultural scope with less-mainstream offerings
    It has been said many times, by many people: for a city its size, Rochester is packed with arts and cultural opportunities. On any given night literally dozens of events take place in the Greater Rochester area, from art exhibits to theater shows to dance recitals to music concerts.

  • ANNUAL MANUAL '12: Alternative excercise guide

    Beyond the weight room. Alternative ways to get fit in Rochester
    BY DEB SCHLEEDE You may not be a health nut, but the thought of joining a gym or participating in some sort of physical activity has probably crossed the mind of even the laziest of couch potatoes.

  • ANNUAL MANUAL '12: Rochester Experts

    Bolgen Vargas Occupation: Interim superintendent, RochesterCitySchool District