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ANNUAL MANUAL '08: Introduction

Welcome to Rochester

In one of the "Man on the Street" interviews you'll find in this publication, software writer Andrew Branch says he likes Rochester because "no matter where you live, it's close to lakes, skiing, and the Adirondacks. Everything's available."

That's a concise way of explaining just some of Rochester's charms. We've got rivers, lakes, beaches, gorgeous parks, plentiful nature trails, mountains and ski resorts within an hour's drive - anything your nature-loving self requires, we've got it. And the snow really isn't that bad. Really.

Such a geographically exciting area gave birth to an equally exciting city. Over its nearly 200 years, Rochester has become home to major corporations like Kodak and Xerox, as well as growing into a center for higher education with about a dozen colleges and universities based in and around the city. These businesses and institutions have drawn hundreds of thousands of fascinating people to Western New York, and around them a rich stew of cultural opportunities has brewed.

This guide to Rochester should give you a good sense of how to get started appreciating the Flower City. From a self-guided tour through its neighborhoods and suburbs to an exploration of its fascinating history to a survey of its music, arts, and nightlife scenes, you should get a fairly good picture of why Rochester is such a special place to live.

And just because it bears mentioning: the snow really isn't that bad. Really.

In This Guide...