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AMERICANA | The Primate Fiasco


The Primate Fiasco is something else. Is psych-Dixieland an established genre yet? Banjo played with a spacey touch, funky tuba and sax, a groovin' accordion, and a washboard and drums to hold it all down — The Primate Fiasco could be millionaires after busking on the streets of New Orleans. But while listening to the band's recordings, you'll find clever musicianship, experimentation, and an adventurous spirit that just wants to make fun, funky music. The Primate Fiasco is currently performing a small string of dates where they will perform the entire Beatles album, "Magical Mystery Tour," in a new style, while inviting audience members to come on stage and help play some of the songs.

The Primate Fiasco performs Friday, May 29, at Flour City Station, 170 East Avenue. 9 p.m. $10-$12.;