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Like Eddie Cochran said: "She's Somethin' else." Singer/songwriter/bassist, Amy LaVere has been produced by Jim Dickinson (who produced The Replacements "Pleased To Meet Me" amongst a billion others), worked at the rock 'n' roll Memphis Mecca Sun Studios, slaps the doghouse bass as if it just said something ungentlemanly, and has broken my heart at least three times. Though at home rockin' little sawdust floor, beer-and-a-shot joints like our own Abilene, LaVere's talent has catapulted her into bigger venues like Bonnaroo and the Austin City Limits Festival. You've seen her on the big screen too in "Walk The Line" and "Black Snake Moan." She is enchanting and commanding like a slightly less spooky Neko Case. And though she coos cool in a keen contralto full of sugar and innocence, the lady knows exactly what she's doing. Have mercy.

Amy LaVere, Thursday, April 10, Abilene Bar and Lounge, 153 liberty Pole Way, 8:30 p.m., $10,