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What I remember from my undergraduate days at Fredonia State University is limited to the approximate number of gin mills, watering holes, bootie bars, and what-have-you in a one-block radius of the campus — the total being somewhere around a dozen. Mr. Boneless, and the band's collection of freaky folk songs, is right at home in any of these joints. Literally. This foursome met in the summer of 2010 in this small college town west of Buffalo and began to bludgeon the ears of unsuspecting house-party-goers. The band is heavily influenced by the likes of Tom Waits, The Misfits, Neil Young, and the Pixies, leaving the group's sound to generally fall somewhere between punk and folk, with an alternative, bluesy edge. A penchant for the intriguing and unexpected transitions makes for impulsive and adventurous live performances.

Mr. Boneless performs Friday, December 28, 9 p.m. at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Ave. $6-$8. 454-2966,