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ALTERNATIVE: Young Empires


If your idea of a perfect night involves tropical beats and a balance between synth and guitar-driven rock, then Young Empires will make you head straight for the dance floor. The Toronto quartet blends the grandiosity of bands like The Killers with feel-good pop a la Black Kids. The result is a modern disco-like soundtrack that could be this year's fling. By the time lead vocalist Matthew Vlahovich sings "loosen up from the hips down / build it up from the ground" on "Against The Wall" you'll get your groove. Jacob Palahnuk (bass), Robert Aaron Ellingson (guitars), and Taylor Hill (drums) round out the rest of the band. Kids With a Z and Low Flying Planes open the show.

Young Empires performs Friday, October 12, 7:30 p.m. at Water Street Music Hall, 204 N Water St. $10-$12.