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Led by guitarist Mike Muscarella and vocalist Mel Muscarella, Violet Mary has been uplifting audiences with its blend of rock, pop, and soul since 2007. Based in Rochester, the Muscarellas are accompanied by bass, guitars, drums, and plenty of backing harmonies. The complex arrangements resemble that of Rush, and Mel's voice cuts through the mix with wide-ranging clarity, a la Geddy Lee. Violet Mary will perform along with Austin Hollow, Genesee Junction, and The Dirty Bourbon Blues Band as part of the 5th annual "Two Tanks Tonight" fundraiser for The Ugandan Water Project, which helps to provide disease-free drinking water to schools in Uganda.

The event takes place on Friday, December 13, 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., at Lovin' Cup, 300 Park Point Drive, Suite 101. $5 cover. 292-9940.;